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Digital order management

We take back industrial lithium-ion batteries of any weight class worldwide, whether intact or damaged. As a distributor, you can simply place your take-back order using the SIMPLi RETURN online portal: just enter the state information for your batteries and we will take care of the rest. Alternatively, you can also place your order by phone or email.

Your account on the SIMPLi RETURN portal gives you access to all of the documentation and information about the disposal and recycling/reuse of your batteries. Wherever you are in the world, you can view and manage your orders online at any time, and track the recycling process for your batteries step by step.

  • Easy online order placement with the SIMPLi RETURN portal
  • Digital management of all data and documents
  • Flexible access from anywhere
  • Digital processes for full transparency and optimum efficiency
  • Compatible with all professional ERP systems

Our digital order management system offers you improved security, greater efficiency and full transparency.

Transportation and storage

Lithium-ion batteries are classified as dangerous goods – and must be handled, packed and transported as such. We organise their safe pick-up and cross-border transportation (where required) via road, air or maritime shipping routes. To do so, we employ qualified personnel and only use means of transport that are approved for handling dangerous goods.

We determine the optimum route, storage and recycling facilities for each order – and make full use of our international network of logistics providers and other partners.

  • Quick pick-up in Europe: pick-up possible only 48 hours after order placement
  • Emergency hotline staffed 24/7 – thanks to our global logistics network
  • Transport approved for dangerous goods plus fully-qualified drivers
  • Transparent GPS tracking

Our intelligent take-back system gives you optimised transportation routes and industry-standard recycling facilities.

Recycling and reuse

We aim to return lithium-ion batteries into the recyclable loop as comprehensively as possible. To do so, we organise all of the process steps ourselves – from unloading to dismantling and recycling or reuse. Suitable types of batteries are recycled wherever possible in one of the facilities run by our recycling partners to recover valuable materials such as plastics, nickel or cobalt. If recycling isn’t possible, energy is recovered from batteries via thermal treatment.

Facilities in our partner network are equipped with the latest process technology, meet all applicable legal requirements and also comply with all international standards – such as quality and environmental management (DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001).

  • International network of certified recycling facilities
  • Recovery of valuable materials
  • Quality and environmental management to international standards
  • Resource-friendly handling of end-of-life lithium-ion batteries

Our intelligent take-back system gives you optimised transportation routes and industry-standard recycling.

Waste container management

When your order is placed, we check the technical and logistical requirements for your industrial batteries based on the data you enter on the SIMPLi RETURN portal – and provide you with appropriate containers. Intact lithium-ion batteries can be transported using an approved container for dangerous goods, for example. For badly damaged batteries, we use high-security boxes with built-in extinguishing apparatus. All of our shipping and storage containers are approved for use in maritime, road and air transportation, and include a range of modern technical features such as GPS or battery state monitoring.

Our optional container rental service for distributors also means you can avoid any costs of procurement. Your expenditure is kept to a minimum: once your lithium-ion batteries have been transported to the recycling facility, we handle the cleaning and the global reverse logistics for containers to your business premises. Our services also include digital container inventory management as well as the environmentally-friendly disposal of damaged containers.

  • Flexible container provisioning
  • Demand-based rental model
  • Transparent container return
  • Professional cleaning of storage/shipping boxes
  • Monitoring and extinguishing apparatus for safety

Our industry-standard container systems improve safety while offering you greater flexibility.

Consulting and training

Which regulations for disposal and recycling do you need to consider as a distributor of lithium-ion batteries? Which take-back options are available? We offer workshops, online training and consulting services to answer all of your questions about industrial battery take-back, and can provide you with details of the latest legal requirements.

  • Training on regulatory compliance
  • Comprehensive advice on lithium-ion battery disposal and recycling
  • Information from the experts

Our consulting and training services make short work of your recycling problems and questions.

Reporting and documentation

Lithium-ion battery disposal and recycling requires end-to-end documentation – across national borders and according to national regulatory requirements. We provide you with all of the necessary take-back documents and papers while offering you comprehensive advice on your service package. We also provide you with help for notification, and supply you with the recycling or recovery/reuse certification. Our online SIMPLi RETURN portal gives you direct access to all of this documentation.

  • Cross-border documentation on take-back and recycling
  • Advice and support for the notification process
  • Digital interface for full transparency
  • Rapid access to all documents online via the SIMPLi RETURN portal

One-click access to your data with our professional reporting and documentation services.

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