About us

SIMPLi RETURN is a brand of Interzero Circular Solutions. The company is a leading provider in the field of services for product, material and logistics loops. SIMPLi RETURN combines 50 years of experience in the development of innovative recycling and take-back solutions, and can draw on an extensive and international network of logistics providers and partners.

With its integrated service packages for the take-back and recycling of lithium-ion batteries, SIMPLi RETURN promotes the vision of a ‘zero waste’ society – a world that generates no waste and one in which all materials are efficiently managed as part of a closed loop. This venture aims to provide climate, resource and environmentally friendly handling of end-of-life industrial lithium-ion batteries.

About Interzero

Interzero is one of the market’s leading providers of environmental services for closing the product, material or logistics loop. Following our guiding principle of ‘zero waste solutions’, we advise our customers across Europe on the responsible handling of resources to help them improve their sustainability performance and conserve primary resources. For further information, please visit www.interzero.com

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